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Theia Spa

Theia thermal baths of the Etruscans, whose name evokes the historical roots of the place, (called by the Etruscans and Sillene that comes from Titaness of light, Theia, the one that shines far away, the mother of Selene), are powered by 'Sillene spring water, the temperature is between 33 degrees and 36 degrees.
The new spa includes 4 indoor and 3 outdoor swimming pools, all connected to each other and about a meter and a half deep.
In total, the surface of the tanks is 536 square meters. All tanks are equipped with fountains, whirlpools with sun beds, water jets for cervical massage, spa and water features.
The ground pools and green outdoor areas are furnished with deck chairs, sun loungers, parasols freely available, tables, chairs and a fully equipped bar, which also offers light meals.

Viale della LibertÓ, 428 | Tel. +39 0578 62031 | Fax +39 0578 55414
Chianciano Terme 53042 Siena, Toscana

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